Thursday, April 07, 2011

Excited and Weepy

Tori was so excited to go to her grandparents for the weekend, she was up and dressed at 6:45 am on Sunday morning. Considering she doesn't usually get up until 8 am on weekends and we weren't leaving until 8:30, this was a miracle. She was ready to go! On our trip down we stopped for drinks and snacks and I told the kids if they had to go to let me know so we could stop. About 10 minutes after we stopped in Springfield, Tori told me she had to go. Luckily there was a rest stop up the road. We stopped and got out and I told her to meet us by the flag pole when she was done. Christian and I came out and she was dancing by the flag pole. She exclaimed "ha ha I didn't have to go". So we stopped for nothing! We hit the road for the rest of the haul and the kids were excited to try the head phones that came with our car so they could hear the movie, while I could listen to anything else but the movie! We got to Wentzville and the kids had lunch at McDonalds. Tori showed her Grandparents her color book and they were off.

We called Tuesday to check on the kids and they were having a blast with their cousins. Tori talked to us and got a little weepy when I was talking to her. She missed us a little bit, but I'm sure she perked right up after I got off the phone with her. They had a big week planned and it sounded like it was in full swing!

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