Friday, March 18, 2011

That's Just The Way They Are

Christian and Tori go to latchkey run by the Y every morning and afternoon. With Mom living with us, they could ride the bus, but they don’t want to. They like going to latchkey; the people there take good care of them.

The kids receive an afternoon snack at latchkey, and yesterday, Huts and I brought in drinks and cupcakes in lieu of their usual snack. The kids loved that, and the staff was all over us. Guess we’re the first parents to bring in snacks. They were so grateful that Tori and I are going to do it again for Easter.

Apparently when the staff was passing out the items, one of Tori’s teachers was there. She told the Y people that “that’s just the way they are.” Tori’s teachers always call us generous. Huts and I never thought much about it, but I guess we drop by a lot of stuff from wipes to play-doh to cupcakes to goody bags for the party. Just goes to show you that the smallest efforts mean a lot.

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