Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miss Wants-A-Lot

Tori has now decided that she wants another dollhouse, the Manor, so that she can separate her dollhouse families (one white, one black). The Easter bunny was going to bring her a handheld game, but now it looks like he will be bringing her another dollhouse. This one is two stories with a purple exterior—how lovely next to the pink and green, three-story Victorian dollhouse she already has. This smaller one is less expensive—a good thing for the Easter bunny’s wallet. Two dollhouses seem a little excessive, but at least now, Tori will be able to put all of that dollhouse furniture to use.

Of course, Tori has a jillion other things on her list, including all of the Monster High dolls she does not have. Those can wait until her birthday, and lucky for us, she will never remember everything she asked for this Easter. If she did, we would never hear the end of it!

On another note, we brought in drinks and cupcakes this morning for the latchkey kids. Nothing green about them—more springy that anything, but they will have to do. I couldn’t even find green plates—
just blue and yellow. And the cupcakes have confetti on them. Oh well, no one seems to care they have nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day. They are just glad to have a cupcake and a drink. Usually all they get is a bag of crackers as a snack.

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