Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miss Writes-A-Lot

Tori is learning how to read and write, and she shows off her budding skills by taping and stapling together computer paper and writing words on them to create little books. After using up much of the tape and staples, she likes to follow her dad around, asking him how to spell this and that. Sometimes she asks me too. We deal with it fine for the first hour or so. Then it starts to get tiring as Tori loses focus and we have to repeat letters. Eventually, we shoo her off to find something else to do for a while. Right now, she has two books—one of which she took to school and got a sticker for it. She also has a “diary” notebook she has filled with scribbles and is down to one coloring book. That girl loves to scribble, paint, color and do arts and crafts of all types!

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