Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tori is still the little fashionista. This morning she insisted on wearing a shirt under her school shirt (for looks of course). Then she had to wear her scarf that her Aunt Lucy made her last year tied in an extravagant way (her way)! She's been sleeping with her sleep eye cover nightly since she got it at Christmas. She also wore the headband that her Aunt gave her yesterday. I don't know how much it actually was worn, but I'm sure it was in and out of her hair all day. At least she's stopped styling her hair like she was a character from Star Wars. On weekends she'll change clothes several times a day for the fun of it, just like she changes her doll clothes. She has fun doing it, even though she comes up with some crazy combinations in our eyes. She wants to pose and prance around for all the pictures and people around. She's her own fashion show and our house has become the runway!

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