Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Miss Daredevil

Tori has always been a daredevil. This weekend at Uncle Travis' was just more proof of that. She loves the water as everyone knows, at Uncle Travis' she had to swam twice and wanted to go for more. The first time she got cold and her lips turned a little blue so she had to get out despite her protesting. After she warmed up she went back in the pool for her Daredevil activities.

It started when Uncle Dale brought out the water wings. She put them on and was ready to go. Once she figured out that she could float with them on without being held, she didn't want to be touched. She wanted to float. She would try to swim, put her face in the water for a long time and then came the greatest feat.

In her swimming class, she learned to jump off the side into my arms. This past weekend she jumped off the diving board! She was ready to go. I was a little leary because she doesn't jump out far. Uncle Dale ensured she didn't hit the board, while her Daddy caught her. She loved every jump. 5 times she went off the board before I had to call it quits. She didn't cry over it and was ready to play in the shallow end again. We aren't going to have a pool for a long time with this daredevil around.

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