Friday, November 15, 2013

Candy Is IN

The Fannie May candy has arrived. We have delivered most of it, excluding the ones we need to ship. It is coming soon, I promise. The school made $19k + on it, so thank you. This is their only major fundraiser, and every dollar counts.

Tori and Eli were very good deliverers. They took the candy to the neighbors willingly, and delivered it to the people next door all on their own last night. Eli has no qualms about ringing doorbells or speaking to people. He also helped the scouts last week place sacks for a canned food drive in people’s doors.

Tori got an A on her spelling test last week. Hooray, Tori! Huts found an app that has been helping her practice her spelling. Now, we need to find an app that will help her with multiplication.

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