Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tori Girl

Tori had a decent first week of school. She had no problems lining up on the first day and she went willingly most of the week. She did well on her first spelling and math tests. She is trying to get into the groove, but it is not easy. It usually takes her a month or so for everything to really start clicking, hence her teary episodes doing homework. We’ve had a few of those this week and last.

Tori got really upset the second day of school when she realized that Ms. Lynn had been moved to latchkey at another school. She was really hoping to see her and had a complete meltdown. Fortunately, she has been better about everything this week and has learned the new staff’s names. Of course, they are starting to change already. There was a new woman there this morning, so who knows, Ms. Lynn may come back.

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