Saturday, June 01, 2013


Like Christian, Tori came home with a backpack crammed with school supplies from the past year. Some were used, and some were not. Instead of showing us, however, she took everything upstairs and jammed it all into drawers. She loves to play school and thought she would use it all until we went through it. That’s when she found a lot of trash. We kept all of her old books and notebooks and tossed all of the scraps. She is all set for school with the girls this summer at the babysitter’s.

We discovered this week that Tori has a dentist appointment on the Saturday that was supposed to be the end of her sleepover birthday party. We are going to St. Louis the weekend after, so we decided to move the sleepover to July. It will be hotter then for better water fun, and that gives us more time to prepare—which is great because she has a lot planned.

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