Friday, November 09, 2012


Tori was jealous that Christian had so much to do recently.  Well this weekend, she is making up for it.  Tonight she is going to McDonalds and Shaylee's house for a sleepover for Shaylee's birthday.  Tori was ready to go!  She picked out several presents for her and seemed excited to go.  We've got to pick her up at 11 tomorrow and I'm sure she'll be exhausted.

On Monday her friend Brianna is coming to pick her up for a playdate for her Birthday on Monday afternoon.  Tori will be spending Veterans day at Brianna's house.  She can't wait!  Now she's the one who gets to have all the fun while Christian gets none!

Tori is also losing another tooth.  It is barely hanging on and has become a little discolored.  She won't let us yank it out though.  We are trying to get her to eat things that will help get it out, but she's not cooperating much.  Either by not eating on that side of her mouth or avoiding the food.  Eventually it'll come out, but not willingly on her part.

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