Monday, May 14, 2012

Green With Envy

Tori turns 7 next month and she cannot wait. She wants the whole kit and caboodle, a backyard party with games and a movie and a slumber party afterwards inside. Huts and I think we were tired from this weekend…Anyway, she got a bit upset when Christian’s turn for a sleepover came this weekend. She started off the party all misty-eyed until we told her to straighten up and fly right. With the threat of having to go to bed early hanging over her head, she got her act together and played some by herself and some with the boys. I let her sleep in the living room with the boys, but on the couch. She, too, was al l ready for bed come Sunday night. She actually cheered when we told her it was time for bed.

Next weekend, Christian has a scout campout. Tori and Eli are staying home with me, and we’re having our own little campout indoors. Wish me luck. The green-eyed monster will probably take hold of Tori then too. Hopefully, she behaves tomorrow on her field trip to Wildlife Prairie Park.

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