Monday, December 05, 2011

To Sleep Perchance to Stay Up Late

Generally Tori has been a bear in the mornings and a whiner at night before going to bed.  Recently she's begun to understand, the better she is the more privileges she gets.  This past 2 weeks, she's been allowed to stay up 30 minutes later to play at night during school because she has been getting up in a decent mood and not throwing a fit about it.  She's also improved in how fast she gets up.  It used to take us 15 minutes to get her up, dressed and out of bed, leaving not time for breakfast.  So she would eat breakfast at school.  The last couple of weeks, she's been getting up and dressed and able to eat breakfast before we leave.  It is a Christmas Miracle!  I don't know if she'll keep it up, but we hope she will.  She's also stopped whining about things so much.  She doesn't throw as many tantrums as she used to and is easier to put to bed.  Maybe she's growing up a little bit.

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