Monday, February 28, 2011

New Beds? Perhaps!

After a few trips to the local furniture stores, Christian and Tori have settled on the same loft bed, just in different colors. Tori would like white, but the bed comes only in natural and black, so she is opting for natural. We’re going to girlie it up with stick-ups, etc. She is getting drawers underneath and at the end of the steps, plus a bookshelf. If we move the bookshelf under the head of the bed, she will have some cubbyholes to crawl into and hide her stuff.

Furniture shopping with Tori is very interesting. At first, she was all wound up and excited about it, begging us for a bed that she would outgrow in a couple of years. Then she settled down a bit and zeroed in on the bed with steps yesterday—with some help from us. She is in the middle of this “I don’t know” stage, so we have to work hard to get her to focus and make a decision.

We’ve got some things to do on the house and then we may order a bed for her and one for Christian. It just depends upon how things go with the work on the back of our house (new door and some deck repairs). Wish us luck if we get them new beds. They will want Huts to have everything together in an hour!

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