Friday, April 18, 2008

Staying Home

100_2094Tori doesn't want to go back to the sitter's. She likes going outside and being with her aunt Annie and Mama during the day. She's skipped a couple of naps this week. One day they went to McDonalds for 3 hours, skipped her nap and tuckered her out. She also got her month long request to go to the Toy Store. She found a Care Bear she had to have, so it got brought home along with messy Strawberry shortcake ice cream on a stick.

The days she's missed her nap, she's ended up a bit crabby the next day. So she ends up going to bed early on those days. She also went grocery shopping and helped push the cart around when she wasn't jumping in and out of them.

Tori is getting enrolled in 2 swimming classes this summer. Her daddy missed the enrollment dates for the spring semester, so now, Tori will be taking them this summer. She loves the water, so I'm sure she'll love the classes. The only problem may be getting her out of the water without throwing a fit.

Potty training is not going well. She's gone once in the potty and that was by accident. She started going in the tub, but I grabbed her and tossed her on the potty to finish. I hope she isn't as stubborn as Ollie was, but I'm not betting on it.

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