Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Teacher

Tori has begun talking a lot more lately. She'll sit downstairs at night and sit on our laps or run around the living room/kitchen talking up a storm. She'll get right in our face and talk to us for hours on end. She'll talk to the kitties, the toys and even her brother. Recently she's started teaching us how to speak. Her most popular subject of instructions is in Teletubbies.

"Say Tinky-Winky", she'll command. Once we repeat her words she'll say, "Vewy good, Say Po!".

This will go on and on often repeating the same words. She is a bit hard to understand at times and we aren't able to understand everything she commands us to say. We end up getting scolded when we can't understand her.

"No, say mouf!", she'll scold. We have to keep trying to understand her until we understand her request or distract her with something else.

If nothing else we can distract her with drawing. She loves to draw and paint. Sometimes we have to draw with her. She'll color with her markers all day. She hasn't been allowed to paint much because it is such a mess, but she loves it too. Maybe we have a little artist on our hands.

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