Monday, October 22, 2007


Tori pretty much talks now. She also mimics positions and conversation. She serves as Ollie's echo and likes to stand, sit and eat like all of us. She is getting better about sleeping. In fact, I mistook an owl outside this morning for her moaning. Silly Mama. This morning, Tori talked all about Kylie who comes to the babysitter's in pajamas. No wonder Tori doesn't want her pajamas removed in the morning! She wants to go to Sharon's just like Kylie does.

Huts and I are going to do the Christmas shopping for the kids next weekend. Wish us luck. We are getting each of them seven presents, and Tori's list is short. She doesn't get fixated on anything. Just moves from one toy to the next in the store, making it difficult to pin down any gifts she might like. She is starting to develop an interest in dolls, though, so a stroller and baby doll are on the list.

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